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Top Premier League matches

At the top of today’s matches, the Emirates Stadium and Stadium will host an important and anticipated match from football fans, which brings together Arsenal and Chelsea within the matches of the 34th week of the English Premier League competitions, Arsenal, who fell from the lead due to exhaustion and poor results, and Chelsea, who has been injured since the beginning of the season, and we review through the most important Egyptian stars Details of the Arsenal match against Chelsea today, and the carrier channels, through the following lines.

The Arsenal and Chelsea match will start this evening, specifically at 10 Cairo local time, 11 Saudi time, Arsenal, the owner of the stadium and hospitality, who has not achieved any victory in his last 4 matches, which led to losing the lead in favor of Manchester City, with 76 points for City, compared to 75 points for Arsenal, with a postponed match difference. In favor of Manchester City, and fans of the Gunners are waiting for the heavenly giant to stumble and Arsenal to restore its level in an attempt to win the absent title since the 2003-2004 season.

Arsenal vs Chelsea match today in the English Premier League

Chelsea fans also suffer from the bad level that the team is going through this season, as the team did not achieve any victory in its last 6 league matches, and it was eliminated from the European Champions League at the hands of Real Madrid, and Chelsea ranks 12th with 39 points.

Arsenal match today in the English Premier League

Arsenal have played 33 matches so far in the league, winning 23, drawing 6, and losing 4 matches, the last of which was in the previous round, where it was defeated by Manchester City, 4-1. Arsenal players scored 78 goals and conceded 38 goals, and Arsenal did not win in the four matches. The latter, where he drew 3 and lost a match, and there is no alternative to winning today’s match if Arsenal players want to continue competing with Manchester City for the Premier League title.

Today’s Chelsea match in the English Premier League

Chelsea have played 32 matches so far in the league, winning 10, drawing 9 and losing 13 matches in one of the worst seasons for Chelsea ever. The Blues players scored 30 goals and conceded 35 goals so far. Chelsea had won the league title in the 2016-2017 season. It was the last version of his coronation out of 6 times winning the Premier League title, and the following is the English Premier League standings before the start of the matches today, Tuesday.

Manchester City 76
Arsenal 75
Newcastle 65
Manchester United 63
Liverpool 56
Tottenham 54
Aston Villa 54
Brighton 52
Brentford 50
Fulham 45
Manchester City’s Haaland is the Premier League’s top scorer with 34 goals so far.

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