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Trade record levels between Russia and Iran

The Deputy Head of the Russian Federal Customs Service, Vladimir Evin, announced an increase in the volume of trade exchange between Russia and Iran, which exceeded the record

Last year, the volume of trade exchange between Moscow and Tehran amounted to just over $4 billion.

Even pointed out that Russian exports increased by 27% and imports by 10%.

Where Iran occupies the second place in trade with Russia among the Caspian Sea countries, as most countries trade in agricultural products.

Experts attribute the improvement in cooperation in this field to the friendly relations between countries and Tehran’s many experience in developing the economy under the pressure of sanctions, as well as its privileged geographical location that allows the development of new supply routes.

The head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sergey Katerin, said that the issues of establishing exports of poultry and mutton meat from Russia, as well as expanding the purchase of fruits and vegetables, were discussed during the Russian-Iranian business forum.

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