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Trump appears before the court in the case of pornographic actress Stromy Daniels

The Manhattan Attorney General announced that former US President Donald Trump has been charged in the case of pornographic film actress Stormy Daniels, and his office reported that Trump’s lawyer had been contacted to “coordinate his surrender in order for him to appear in court to read the accusation.”

Trump is accused of offering $130,000, through his lawyer, to pornographic film actress Stromy Daniels to buy her silence about their sexual relationship before the 2016 US election, which Trump won over Hillary Clinton.

As Trump prepares to run for the Republican nomination for the upcoming US presidential elections 2024, he rejected the accusation against him and denied that he had any relationship with Daniels, considering that “this accusation is political persecution and interference in the elections at the highest level in history,” saying, “I believe that This pursuit will backfire onJoe Biden.”

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