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Trump prepares for Biden’s debate

Biden invited Trump to join him in two televised presidential debates next June and September, and his proposal, outlined in a letter and a video, called for direct negotiations between the Trump and Biden campaigns over rules, network hosts and moderators of one-on-one meetings.
The US President explained on Wednesday that he is ready to debate his Republican rival twice before the November 5 elections, but he will not participate in the traditional television confrontations organized by the Commission on Presidential Debates.
Biden also said in a video message posted on the X platform: “Donald Trump lost two debates to me in 2020. He has not attended a debate since then.”
“Now he’s acting like he wants to debate me again… I’ll do it twice,” he added.
Biden added: “So let’s pick the dates, Donald. I heard you’re free on Wednesdays.”
While the Democratic President criticized the legal problems facing Trump in the video, with an indirect reference to the weekend in Trump’s secret financial trial in New York.
For his part, Trump accepted President Biden’s challenge to hold two debates before the elections. “I am ready and willing,” Trump wrote on his Truth Social app. “LET’S GET READY TO MOVE!!!”
Asked about any preference on format or topics, Biden-Harris campaign spokesman Michael Tyler told MSNBC in an interview that there were still some details to be worked out, including network moderators.
“The question now is: Will Donald Trump keep his word? Will he step up to the plate here? We haven’t heard from him yet but we’ll be waiting all day,” Tyler said.
It is noteworthy that Trump, who refused to debate his rivals in the Republican primary race, in recent weeks challenged Biden to participate in a one-on-one confrontation with him, and offered to debate the incumbent Democrat “at any time and in any place.”

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