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Trump’s path to the US presidency is easier than Biden’s

The path to winning the US presidency is easier for Donald Trump than for Joe Biden, as these swing states are Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, and North Carolina… which will determine who will be the next president in 2024.

A little more than six months after November 5, Democratic consultant Doug Sosnick told Axios that while either candidate could win, President Biden has a tougher, tougher path to 270 Electoral College votes than Trump. This is for three reasons:

Biden’s victories in 2020 in the Sun Belt states, namely Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia, are due to his overwhelming support from young and non-white voters. But polls show that Biden has suffered significant erosion with these voters during his presidency.

Sosnick literally paints different scenarios on the road to 270 for Biden and former President Trump in an interactive New York Times op-ed, and warns Minnesota Democrats:

“Recent polls show Biden with a narrow lead in Minnesota, a state that typically votes Democratic for president. While it is mathematically possible for Biden to win without winning Minnesota, he is unlikely to be elected if he cannot win Minnesota “This is a traditionally Democratic state.”

“My analysis of voter history and polls shows a map that currently favors Trump, although new abortion restrictions in Arizona improve Mr. Biden’s chances,” he concluded.

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