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Tunisia responds to the banana incident

On Wednesday, the Tunisian Football Association strongly condemned the banana throwing of Brazilian striker Richarlison, and considered it a racist act, following the friendly match between the two teams Tuesday in Paris.

The Tunisian Federation said in a statement: We strongly condemn any racist practice that may occur in any stadium in the world, and if it is confirmed by verifying the identity of the person who threw the bananas that he is Tunisian, we apologize on his behalf and on behalf of all Tunisians.

In a statement, the union praised “the exemplary behavior of the vast majority of the Tunisian masses” who were present.

Bananas were thrown from the stands of the fans in the direction of Richarlison, who was celebrating his goal against the Tunisian team in a match that ended with the “samba” team winning over the “Carthage Eagles” 5-1.

The banana and other projectiles aimed at the stadium angered the Brazilian, who is professional with Tottenham Hotspur.

“No to racism,” the Brazilian player wrote on his official Twitter page at dawn on Tuesday.

The Brazilian Football Confederation issued a statement on Twitter, saying: “Unfortunately, a banana was thrown on the pitch at Richarlison.” The Brazilian Federation affirms its position against racism and rejects any biased behavior.

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