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Tunisian President suspends work in central administrations

Tunisian President Kais Saied ordered the suspension of work in central administrations, foreign interests, local groups and public institutions in Tunisia for two days.
The Tunisian presidency also stated, in a statement, that Saied issued a “presidential order to suspend work in central administrations, foreign interests, local groups and public institutions of an administrative nature for a period of two days, starting from Tuesday (July 27)… with the possibility of extending the period of suspension of work by a notification issued. of the Presidency of the Republic.
The statement said: “This presidential order allows each minister concerned or the head of a local group to take a decision to assign a number of agents to attend or remote quotas. It also obliges the administrative structures that provide administrative services on-line to ensure the continuity of those services while enabling the direct head of each administrative structure to It is licensed in some other administrative services or performing some of their procedures remotely, especially through electronic communication.
The Tunisian presidency indicated that this decision excludes “the internal security forces, the military, customs agents, agents working in public health structures and institutions, and agents working in institutions of education, childhood, training and higher education who are subject to special arrangements.”
This decision comes at a time when Tunisia is witnessing rapid political developments against the background of a wave of widespread protests throughout the country.
And on Sunday evening, the Tunisian President issued decisions relieving Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi from his post, freezing the work of Parliament for 30 days, lifting the immunity of deputies, and taking over the executive authority until the formation of a new government, pointing out that these measures should have been taken months ago, while critics considered these Actions recent moves a coup.
On Sunday, the police clashed in the capital, Tunis and several other cities, with protesters calling for the government to step down and dissolve parliament, and protesters targeted the headquarters of the Islamist “Ennahda” party, to which Ghannouchi belongs and has greater representation in Parliament, in several cities, in an escalation of anger against the ruling system amid a rapid outbreak of the virus. Corona and the deteriorating economic and political situation.

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