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Turkey cancels flights due to unrest

Turkish Airlines decided to cancel some of its flights to Berlin German Airport, due to the planned strike by its workers.

And according to the Turkish News Agency, that Turkish Airlines has issued a statement confirming the cancellation of flights with numbers “TK1721, TK1723, TK1725, TK1727”, which are the flights that come within the schedule on Wednesday from Istanbul Airport to Berlin International Airport.

At the same time, the “Anadolu Jet” company decided to cancel its flight from Sabiha Gokcen Airport in Istanbul, Turkey, to Berlin Airport as well.

This was due to the strike to be implemented by the workers

It is assumed that workers or ground employees at Berlin Airport will strike tomorrow, Wednesday, as the German “Verdi Workers” union called on all ground handling and security workers at Berlin Airport, as well as those employed by the airport company itself, to strike because of wages.

It is noteworthy that the strike of workers at Berlin Kanna Airport will continue from 03:30 to 23:59, as more than 300 flights are scheduled to take off or land at Berlin Airport on Wednesday, where about 35,000 passengers will be affected.

The Berlin Airport trade union has also demanded an additional 500 euros per month for ground handlers and airport company employees as part of ongoing wage negotiations, much higher than what employers are willing to offer at the moment.

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