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Turkey is waiting for a response from Greece to the shooting incident

A diplomatic source revealed that the Turkish authorities demanded an explanation from Greece about a shooting incident on a cargo ship.

The source explained that on September 10, at 13.27 (10:27 GMT), the Greek side fired at a cargo ship sailing about 11 nautical miles from the Turkish island of Bozcaada (Tenidos), and Ankara demanded a serious investigation into the incident.

Where the source said: “At 11 nautical miles southwest of Bozcaada, and after the arrival of the Turkish coast guard boats to the area, the Greek side was forced to leave.”

Also, according to the source, “immediate attempts” were made to express protest against the incident, which Ankara considers a violation of international law, stressing that “the seriousness of the incident was emphasized and an immediate investigation and explanation were requested.”

Meanwhile, the Greek coast guard said it opened warning fire in a safe direction while chasing a “suspicious ship” sailing under the flag of Comoros that entered Greek territorial waters on Saturday.

While the Greek coast guard confirmed that it had informed the Turkish authorities of what had happened, it explained that a patrol boat from the Mytilene Port Authority asked the captain of Anatolia to stop for inspection after the ship was seen in the sea northwest of Lesbos, and the captain refused to comply, and a chase followed during which warning shots were fired.

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