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Turkish shelling continues north of Syria

Turkish troops continue to bomb sites for the PKK and its military pavilion (people’s protection units), northisoria under the name of “punitive shelling”. The Turkish army units bombed the “PGK-Keke” terrorist sites “,” which is classified by Ankara, a terrorist organization. “This comes after targeting organization’s Oungopenar border crossing in Kilais, on Sunday, and spend an alienation in Netherlands, on Monday,” she said. “Under the right to self-defense, the Turkish army bombed terrorists’ sites with self-moving defender, where I heard the voices of the shelling of Mandian Kellis and Ghazi Antabt Turkale.” Where he was earlier on Tuesday, the Special President’s Special Envoy told Syria, Alexander Lavrantif. Moscow calls on Self-control and preventing the escalation against the background of strikes on Syria and Iraq

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