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Turkish-Syrian debate over “Iskenderun Brigade”

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its total rejection of the statement issued by the “Syrian People’s Assembly”, which addressed the issue of Iskenderun, and the demand for its annexation of Syrian territory. The Turkish Foreign Ministry described it as “rude and illegal.”

 A spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry described the Syrian People’s Assembly, describing it as not representing the Syrian people in any way, and lacking democratic legitimacy, describing the statement as “targeting the territorial integrity of Turkey.”

 A few days ago, the Syrian People’s Assembly issued a statement on the eighty-second anniversary of the “disarmament of Iskenderun.”

 It stated that the “French occupier” stripped Alexandretta from the Syrian territories, and handed it over to Turkey on November 29, 1936, considering this act a violation of France’s obligations as a mandated state by the infallibility of the United Nations and obligated to preserve the lands of the mandated state.

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