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Twitter returns the “blue tick” … but with conditions!

The American tweets site “Twitter” revealed its intention to re-activate the process of verifying accounts through its “blue tag” platform, next year 2021.

And in his blog, Twitter confirmed that the accounts will be re-authenticated early in the new year, which will be accompanied by new conditions for those who wish to obtain the “little blue tag”.

Twitter asked its users to provide comments on the draft of its proposal, which relate to the request for authentication, and in the event that the Twitter site does not add new conditions regarding account verification, the accounts eligible for this privilege still include government accounts, companies, brands, non-profit organizations, and media accounts. News media, entertainment, sports, activists and organizers, in addition to what Twitter refers to as “other influential individuals”, and a description has been obtained in a media …

Twitter also announced a new draft of rules that clarify when the verification badge can be withdrawn from the account, including if a user changes his displayed name or his résumé in order to mislead people about his true identity.

Note that “Twitter” intends to put its final policy on verifying accounts on December 17th, after receiving comments and suggestions from users.

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