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Two Israeli ships were struck near the Yemeni coast…and the Israeli media reveals the details

The Yemeni Armed Forces announced in a statement this evening, Sunday, that they had targeted the two Israeli ships “Unity Explorer” and “Number 9” near the Bab al-Mandab Strait in the Gulf of Aden, one with a naval missile and the other with a drone and seaplane.
According to the statement, both ships ignored the warnings issued by the Yemeni Navy and were targeted this morning. The statement stressed that the operation comes in the context of standing with the Palestinian resistance, stressing their warning that any ship linked to the Israeli side constitutes a legitimate target for them, as part of their decision to prevent the navigation of Israeli ships in The Red Sea.
Reuters reported earlier this evening that a container ship off the coast of Hodeidah Port, and another transporting goods in the Red Sea, had been targeted by drones.
The British newspaper “The Telegraph” reported that one of the two ships was flying the Bahamas flag, while Israeli media confirmed that one of the ships was chartered to an Israeli company.
In the first Israeli confirmation of the incident, Hebrew media reported that the Israeli navigation company had changed navigation lines after two ships were bombed by drones off the Yemeni coast, and Israeli media reported that one of them was in danger of sinking.

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