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U.S. University Protests Against Israel Continue

Student protests against Israel have continued since they began as a sit-in at the prestigious Columbia University in the US state of New York, demanding an end to the war on Gaza and an end to cooperation with Israel in dozens of American universities, colleges and institutes.
Despite the repression by state police, the protests during this period extended to 23 universities, colleges, institutes and research centers in the United States, the most important of which was at Columbia University, which witnessed the first student sit-in, where the police arrested more than 100 students.
Protests also erupted at universities in Washington, D.C., Texas, Arizona, California, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida and elsewhere.
The protesting students carried Palestinian flags and banners reading Free Palestine and Palestine Everywhere.
Israeli officials have attacked the protests as anti-Semitic, as well as state governors and the speaker of the House of Representatives.
The protests have spread to Europe and Australia, where Britain, France, Germany and Sydney have all seen anti-Israel and pro-Palestine demonstrations.

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