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Ukraine prevents Turkish ships from leaving

Ukraine has prevented 21 Turkish ships from leaving the port of Odessa on the Black Sea coast, and Kyiv is using them as a human shield, the newspaper Aide Onk writes.
The newspaper wrote: “According to the information we received, 21 of the ships that were not allowed to leave the port of Odessa are Turkish ships. Ukraine does not want these ships to leave, under the pretext of “danger” due to the mines remaining at sea.”
She also continued, “Russia has opened a security corridor, but the Ukrainian authorities still do not allow it to pass. But the main goal is different. If the foreign ships leave, Odessa will soon fall. For this reason, the Ukrainians do not allow foreign ships to leave, including 21 Turkish ships.” .
This has been going on since February 24, the Russian special military operation in Ukraine; And Moscow set its goals to eliminate the militarization of Ukraine and the Nazi tendencies in this country.
According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the armed forces are bombing the military infrastructure and the Ukrainian forces, which are not laying down arms, without prejudice to the civilian population.
As of last March 25, the armed forces completed the main tasks of the first stage, significantly limiting the combat capabilities and capabilities of Ukraine, given that the main objective of the operation, as declared by the Russian Ministry of Defense, is the liberation of the Donbass region.
For his part, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that the military operation was not aimed at occupying Ukraine.

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