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Ukraine recruits prisoners as Russia did

Kiev recruited prisoners to serve within the ranks of its armed forces, following in the footsteps of Russia
The government revealed that the prisoners would have to serve until the end of the war before they would gain their freedom, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.
This comes as Kiev faces difficult choices as the initial wave of volunteers fades and loses ground to an enemy that can rely on a population three and a half times larger.
Many front-line units say they are stretched and exhausted, and Ukraine is struggling to recruit enough men to fend off increasing Russian attacks.
In search of hundreds of thousands of new soldiers, Ukraine lowered the mobilization age, increased financial compensation for troops, and sought to force men of military age who had fled abroad to return home and fight.
However, Ukraine’s program differs from Russia’s prisoner recruitment program in several respects. Unlike Moscow, those convicted of certain crimes in Ukraine will not be eligible.
Olena Vysotska, Ukraine’s deputy justice minister, said this includes people convicted of sexual violence, traffic accidents resulting in death, and murder if it involved more than one person or was carried out with “particular cruelty,” among other restrictions.
While Russian prisoners will mainly get their criminal record expunged after serving, Ukrainians will not.
The Ukrainian Ministry of Justice estimates that authorities could recruit about 5,000 people from prisons.
A senior prison official said many convicts with the most serious criminal records were told their convictions barred them from serving, leaving them disappointed.
He also added that some similarly expressed interest, but backed down when they learned of the risks.
The convicts will be placed in special units, but it is not clear what they will be assigned to.

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