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Underground Chinese laboratory to discover the mysterious element

Yesterday, Thursday, China began work on the largest and deepest underground testing facility called “Jingping”, in an attempt to solve one of the biggest scientific mysteries to date, related to the discovery of “dark matter”.

The laboratory was established under a mountain in Sichuan Province, southwest China, on an area of 300,000 square kilometers, at a depth of 2.4 kilometers below the surface of the Earth, to provide an ideal “ultra-pure” location for discovering dark matter, since under those conditions scientists believe that only a small amount Of cosmic rays can reach the place, which is also characterized by a low concentration of radioactive radon gas that is naturally present in the environment.

Dark or dark matter is a supposed substance that explains a large portion of the total mass of the universe, about a quarter. However, it cannot be seen directly. It does not absorb light or electromagnetic rays, nor does it reflect them. Scientists have been able to infer it from its effects, but it has not been discovered yet. This achievement will provide a broader understanding of the structure of the universe and how galaxies hold together, and reveal the mystery of “dark energy,” which constitutes 68% of the universe’s energy, according to NASA estimates.

According to what was published by the British newspaper The Sun, 10 scientific teams have already arrived at the laboratory, including the most prominent scientists from universities and research institutions in the country, the Chinese Institute of Atomic Energy and the Institute of Rock Mechanics.

The laboratory will also facilitate and support interdisciplinary research in particle physics, nuclear astrophysics, cosmology, and other resources.

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