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Unidentified planes bomb trucks in northern Syria

Unidentified aircraft, this evening, Sunday, bombed a group of trucks in the Al-Bukamal area, eastern Syria, after crossing from Iraq.

A security source said that “planes of unknown origin targeted trucks in the Al-Bukamal area in eastern Syria, after crossing from Iraq.”

This comes a day after a powerful explosion occurred in an ammunition depot in the city of Isfahan, central Iran. The Iranian Ministry of Defense said that the explosion of the military factory in Isfahan was caused by a failed attack with three drones

The Iranian Ministry of Defense also revealed that the attack of the marches was thwarted, as the air defense media at the facility shot down one of them, and the other two exploded after they were trapped in the factory’s air defense traps.

The Iranian news agency, IRNA, quoted an informed source as saying that “3 quadcopter drones loaded with small bombs carried out the Isfahan attack,” noting that “the type of drone used in the attack confirms that it was carried out from within the country.”

The source also explained that “one of the (small) quadcopters suffered a malfunction in its navigational device (GPS), which caused it to crash into the shed of a factory,” pointing out that the video clip circulated on social media about the attack shows the moment of the collision.

For its part, the American New York Times said, “The drones that targeted sites in Isfahan are believed to have launched from inside Iran.”

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