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Unparalleled nuclear reactor

Today, the Russian energy giant “Rosatom” plans to lay the foundations for the future of energy in the world, and this means that Russia is preparing for a technological boom in the field of nuclear energy.
This year, the state company Rosatom announced that it intends to start the development and construction of two power units equipped with similar units, each with a capacity of 600 megawatts.

And according to what was published by the company “Rosatom”, they plan to build a nuclear reactor that has no parallel in the world so far.


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According to the statement, Russian scientists and engineers have begun to develop appropriate technologies, the work of which should be completed within the next few years.
After that, they will start building the latest high-efficiency VVER-SKD reactor, the main feature of which will be the “Very High Pressure Coolant”.

It is planned to build light water reactors with a closed nuclear fuel cycle, which will be used in the future in nuclear energy.

According to experts, the use of the latest technologies will increase the efficiency of nuclear power plants to 45 percent. In addition, the construction of such power units is associated with savings on material costs. Moreover, these stations will be safer than their predecessors.

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