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UNRWA: Israel seeks to eliminate us and liquidate the Palestinians

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees warned that Israel’s recent escalation of its campaign against the agency aims to “eliminate us and liquidate the Palestinian refugee issue,” and confirmed that it will not vacate its headquarters in Jerusalem.
An UNRWA spokesman said that Israel’s classification of UNRWA as a terrorist organization is a dangerous development that indicates dangerous intentions related to stopping the agency’s work in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem, pointing out that it has never before in the history of the United Nations to classify an international organization as a terrorist organization.
The spokesman indicated that the Israeli leaders are seeking to liquidate UNRWA in preparation for liquidating the Palestinian refugee issue, considering UNRWA a protective framework for that issue, and liquidating the two-state solution and the political process in general.
He added that in the past there were continuous attempts to attack UNRWA and bring charges against it, but this time Israel’s campaign against it took on different dimensions related to the future of the agency’s operations.
The spokesman continued, “We will not vacate our headquarters in Jerusalem. We have been working there since 1950, and there is an agreement signed with Israel in 1967 that stipulates that the agency is allowed to work in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, enjoy immunity, and facilitate its operations there.”

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