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UNRWA report reveals its targeting by the Israeli army

The UNRWA report, also seen by CNN, explained that the convoy had been parked at an Israeli army detention point for more than an hour when it was targeted.
While no one in the convoy was harmed, most of its contents, especially wheat flour, which was urgently needed to prepare bread, were destroyed.
For her part, Juliette Touma, spokeswoman for UNRWA, told CNN that a convoy carrying food supplies was heading to the northern Gaza Strip. What we call the central regions were bombed. One of the trucks carrying supplies was hit by Israeli naval fire.
The convoy, consisting of 10 aid trucks and two armored vehicles bearing the United Nations badge, began its journey in the early hours of February 5.
UNRWA also explained that trips take place early in the day to avoid the contents of the trucks being raided along the way.
The UN agency’s commissioner, Philippe Lazzarini, confirmed at the time that aid convoys were still under fire in Gaza despite sending notifications about them and coordinating all their movements.
Following the raid on 5 February, UNRWA decided to stop sending convoys to northern Gaza. The last time the agency was able to deliver food north of Wadi Gaza, a strip of wetlands that divides the Strip, was on January 23.
United Nations estimates indicate that 300,000 people are still living in northern Gaza, without receiving any significant assistance.
While acute malnutrition has already been identified in 16.2% of children there, which exceeds the threshold considered critical, according to the United Nations.

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