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US arms deal to Egypt

Egypt announced a huge arms deal, approved by the US State Department for Egypt, for 12 giant military transport aircraft and air defense systems, including advanced military radars, “SBS-48”.
Yesterday, Tuesday, the US State Department indicated that the potential arms deal to Egypt is worth $2.5 billion (about 40 billion Egyptian pounds), stressing that it is consistent with the foreign policy of the United States, according to a report by the American newspaper “The Hill”.
The potential deal included 12 C-130J30 Super Hercules military transport aircraft, worth $2.2 billion (about 35 billion pounds).
This giant aircraft is used in transporting military forces or providing the necessary supplies and logistical support services to combat forces anywhere around the world thanks to the large range of the aircraft.
It is also mentioned that a model of the C-130J aircraft was displayed at the Defense Industries Exhibition “EDEX 2021”, which Egypt hosted about two months ago.
The plane is manufactured by the American company “Lockheed Martin”, and says that it is multi-tasking and can reach places that other planes cannot reach.
The aircraft can land and take off even when there are no designated runways and is used by the USA and is exported to more than 20 countries around the world.
The C-130J’s missions include conventional military transport and special forces transport missions, as well as mid-air refueling. And the air defense crisis
The deal included air defense systems for Egypt worth 355 million dollars (about 5.5 billion Egyptian pounds), according to the Political and Military Affairs newspaper of the US State Department on Twitter.

The deal includes 3 SBS-48 ground radar systems and related equipment.
The company “L-3 Harris Technologies” manufactures the radars contracted by Egypt, “SBS-48”, according to a special report on the company’s official website.

The “SBS-48” is characterized as three-dimensional electronic radars designed to support ground radar stations with its wide ability to detect hostile targets at a long range in all directions.
The site says that these multi-use radars are characterized by high performance in detecting and tracking air targets and are characterized by their ability to work in all weather conditions.
The US State Department said the approved arms deal to Egypt supports US foreign policy, according to the American newspaper, The Hill.
The US State Department announced the approval of the deal, yesterday, Tuesday, and issued a statement in this regard, in which it said that it supports the national security of the United States by helping Egypt, which is one of Washington’s largest allies outside NATO.
The State Department statement also stated that “Egypt continues to represent an important strategic ally and partner of the United States of America in the Middle East, noting that the deal contributes to improving Egypt’s current and future capabilities to confront threats, and that the aircraft that it will obtain will support its ability in support and air supply operations in the two fields.” security and humanitarian.

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