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US base in Albania because of China

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern suggested that the United States of America would establish a base in Albania to confront China.
Ray emphasized that one of the reasons for the US military’s opening of a special operations command in Albania is Washington’s concern about Tirana’s relations with China.
Ray said: “Washington decided to locate a base there” because they (the United States) just learned that Albania is a close ally of the Chinese Communists.”

In a recent analysis, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network identified 135 China-related projects in the region worth more than $36 billion.

The types of projects range from cooperation with the Chinese technology company Huayi, which is blacklisted by the United States as a security threat, to mining, energy and transportation initiatives.

China has also expanded its influence in the region through a number of bilateral security, medical and cultural agreements in addition to vaccine donations.

Albanian President Ilir Meta said during a meeting with visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in October that cooperation between the two countries has great potential. The two sides also agreed to boost trade, while China indicated its willingness to work with Albania to establish high-quality cooperation under the Belt and Road framework, Xinhua said after their meeting.

It is noteworthy that the US Command in Europe (Yucom) had announced on Friday that it is in the process of establishing a special operations headquarters in Albania as part of an effort to enhance capabilities as a cornerstone of regional stability.

Yukom also said that the base provides increased interoperability with Albanian allies of the United States and important access to transportation hubs in the Balkans.

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