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US funding to Ukraine exceeds $224 million

The Russian Federal Investigative Committee revealed today, Tuesday, that the volume of US funding for biological programs in Ukraine has exceeded $224 million since 2005.
These statements were made by the director of the Russian Federal Investigation Commission, Alexander Bastrykin, during an exclusive interview with “RT” channel, in which he said that Washington had funded biological projects worth millions of dollars.
Bastrykin also indicated that the investigative committee is investigating a criminal case for the development of biological weapons of mass destruction, with funding from the US Department of Defense, along with other organizations related to it.
Earlier, Igor Kirillov, commander of the radiological, chemical and biological protection forces of the Russian armed forces, Igor Kirillov, said on April 6, at an informal meeting of the UN Security Council, that “the United States is building its biological military capabilities by taking advantage of the loopholes in international legislation “.
By exploiting loopholes in international legislation, the US administration is constantly working to enhance its biological-military capabilities in different regions of the world,” Kirillov said.

Citing data from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Kirillov noted that the Pentagon today supervises 336 laboratories in 30 overseas regions.

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