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US sanctions against a Libyan group … Get to know them !!

News of the US sanctions did not disappear from the scene for long until it returned to its head again in Libya, where the US Treasury Department announced the imposition of sanctions against the leader of one of the groups with his group ..

The American Department, in a statement, made it clear that it had imposed sanctions aimed at targeting the “Al-Kaniyat” group, also known as the seventh and ninth brigades, and its leader, Muhammad al-Kani.


Who is the alkanyat group ??

The name “Al-Kaniyat” was given to the Al-Kani family, which consists of 5 siblings, after their sixth brother, Ali Al-Kani, was killed by a gang in 2013 in a hideous manner, which turned the whole family’s life and his brothers decided to take revenge on him, and in effect they killed all the gang members along with their families, according to what I mentioned. Local Libyan media. Since that time, the “Kaniyat” personnel have moved to control the headquarters of the “Al-Wafa ‘” military battalion in the city of Tarhuna, seized heavy weapons in it, expelled all militias from the city, and formed a military force consisting of elements that were active within the elite forces of the former regime, such as the 32nd Brigade. Moaz, the Muhammad al-Maqrif Brigade, in addition to a number of graduates of military academies and schools, and after extending their influence over the city of Tarhuna, they turned it into a safe city, and they also took care of the infrastructure, environment and the surroundings, and were able to eliminate crime, before the Libyan government of reconciliation regained control of the city.

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