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US warplanes bombard al-Hasakah

The official Syrian news agency reported that the US warplanes destroyed a number of buildings and institutions in the vicinity of the industry prison in Hasaka, in addition to bombing the headquarters of the Euphrates University branch in the city.
According to the agency, “the American occupation aircraft bombed the building of the Presidency of the Euphrates University branch in the city, which led to the destruction of the vehicle garage in it.”
The agency added, “The warplanes bombed several points in the vicinity of the silos in the Ghuweran Center, under the pretext of pursuing fugitives from the Industrial Secondary Prison.”
On January 20, armed clashes took place inside the Industrial Secondary Prison, which includes members of the “ISIS” organization (the terrorist banned in Russia and a large number of countries), and elements of the “SDF”, after a rebellion inside the prison and the detonation of two car bombs on its walls.

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