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Venice Film Festival Awards

Spanish actress Penelope Cruz won the Best Actress Award at the Venice Film Festival for her role in “Madris Parallellas”, on Saturday evening.
The events of the film, directed by the Spanish Pedro Almodóvar, tell the story of two women who give birth to their children on the same day, and in the same nursery, where the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz plays the role of a forty-year-old photographer who lives a turbulent life.
According to “Reuters”, the French film “Livenmo” or “The Event” won the “Golden Lion” for best film, a drama that embodies the cruelty of illegal abortion that occurred in the 1960s.
The jury prize was awarded to Italian director Paolo Sorrentino, for “The Hand of God”, a “deeply personal” film about the loss of his parents as a teenager.
New Zealander Jane Campion won the Silver Lion for Best Director for the movie “The Power of a Dog”, which embodies the tragic stories that took place in a border region in the 1920s.

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