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“Vineyards” Fashion 2023

Nails shine with the arrival of 2023 with a glamorous view of Chrome Nails, as long as you follow the right steps to use them.
The vineyards give women a glossy look that captures hearts, and this year’s fingernails shine with silver glitter or dreamy pastel shades in pink, purple or sky blue.
The glossy chrome effect is achieved using what is known as “chrome powder” which has a shiny metal appearance, also known as “mirror nails.”
To achieve this look the nails must be clean and grease-free first and then put a base layer to help nail polish and paste powder.
The required nail polish colour is then applied and left to dry a little so that it is not completely liquid and then a little powder is placed on the nails and distributed in circular movements with an eyeshadow brush.
In the last step, an overhead layer is placed so that the chrome effect lasts for a long time.

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