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Wafa Amer and her sister’s problem with an Egyptian actor

Egyptian artist Wafa Amer announced in one of her television interviews about an artistic project in which her younger sister Ayten will participate, entitled “One Thousand and One Nights.” News spread about their participation in the next Ramadan drama within the team of the series “One Thousand and One Nights,” starring the artist Yasser Galal.
In her statement, the artist Wafa Amer denied all the rumors about her and her sister’s participation in the series, stressing that there was confusion among the public due to her announcement of presenting a series that brings her together with her sister entitled “One Thousand and One Nights”… She said that the project that she will present with Aiten has no relevance. It is related to the Yasser Galal series, but it will be closer to social comedy.
Wafa Amer had announced that she would be participating in the next Ramadan drama race in the series “Haqq Arab”, starring the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, and its events take place in a popular context, during which the hero of the work is exposed to many adventures and tries to get out of them, in a form of excitement, suspense, and action. Written by Mahmoud Hamdan and directed by Ismail Farouk.

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