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Wafaa Amer reveals her new talent

Egyptian actress Wafaa Amer revealed several secrets about her family, personal and artistic life, during an interview with her on a TV show

Where she started by talking about that some people believed in a period of her life that she was Aiten Amer’s mother and not her sister, and some claimed that she was hiding this matter from the public, and she said that if she had a daughter, she would not hide her from people, but the reason behind that rumor was a fellow artist, and she was her friend and neighbor, And you don’t know yet why she launched this rumor about her.

Wafaa Amer said that she is the older sister of five sisters, and indicated that she bears the responsibility of everyone, especially after the death of her father, and takes care of her sisters. She also added that the death of her father affected her greatly in her life, and she felt that she had advanced in age after the death of her father, especially since her mother was young, so she felt Responsibility towards her as well, and she also revealed a secret about the death of her sister during her pregnancy with twins, and she could not control her tears while talking about her on the program.

The artist Wafaa Amer also talked about her only son, “Omar”, and said that she does not feel the difference in age or generations with him, and considers herself his friend, and added that he recently decided to study media and rejected her desire to study pharmacy, for his desire to enter the field of acting and media, and said that she lived with him situations Difficult, including suffering from an eye disease and undergoing a failed surgery, as well as after receiving several letters threatening to kidnap her son 10 years ago.

As for her dispute with the artist, Dora, she said that the problem was in the series “Eagle of Upper Egypt” with Muhammad Ramadan, and she differed with her about the arrangement of the names on the sequence of the series, and Dora saw that she contracted to work before her, and she saw that she was older than Dora in the artistic field, but she overcame the matter after That, and praised Badra and her recent artistic roles.

Wafaa surprised viewers by singing and revealing her singing talent for the first time. She also talked about receiving psychological treatment for nearly 12 years, and said that the reason behind this is that she feels psychological tremors after every artwork she presents, and sometimes she suffers psychological problems such as not feeling the place or distinguishing streets and areas after roles. difficult to present in her artwork.

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