Warning in Egypt and Sudan .. The emergence of Nile crocodiles!

Activists on social media in Egypt and Sudan transmitted pictures and information about the exit of crocodiles from the Nile River due to the high water level in it.
The Director of the Civil Defense Department in Khartoum State in Sudan, Major General Othman Al-Atta, warned citizens against approaching and swimming in the Nile River.
According to the information, the Nile River is going through a flood phase due to the high levels of the Blue Nile River, which increases the risk of the appearance of crocodiles.
Major General Al-Atta said, “The Nile now is dangerous, especially after the emergence of some wild crocodiles and deadly snakes, which endangers the lives of citizens and death.”
The Nile crocodile (about 5 meters long) is considered one of the most dangerous predators on humans.

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