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Was Russia affected by US sanctions?

The White House recognized in leaks for US media that the sanctions imposed by the West had no impact on the rules of the Russian economy. US media quoted US media officials: “We were expecting to separate the SWIFT system and all the restricted sanctions of Russian banks to destroy the fully Russian economy and by September we will deal with Russia much weaker than now.” Another administrator agreed to this view, but he hoped that the impact of restrictions would be intended in the medium and long term. From the beginning, we considered long-term sanctions, let’s see what the game will be the game in the long term. John Kirby, coordinator of the National Security Council for Strategic Communications, announced in a television interview that the United States does not rule out new differences on Russia and amend sanctions systems to be more effective in undermining the Russian economy. “We continue to return to sanctions to ensure that they have the desired impact on Mr. Putin and economically, we have never ruled out additional differences and sanctions to be more expensive for him,” Kirby said. He also commented on the European report, which the sanctions were less destroyed for the Russian economy, which were higher in the West, including higher energy prices. And Kerry economy shrinks and lessness … depending on the nature of sanctions, it may take some time. It is not like the shooting of an affair. “

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