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Washington, after welcoming the resumption of flights between Jordan and Syria: We are reviewing this announcement

The US administration indicated that its policies regarding the Syrian file have not changed and that it is reviewing the announcement of the resumption of flights between this country and Jordan, which it had previously welcomed.
This position was also stated by US State Department spokeswoman Galina Porter, during a press briefing she held yesterday, Tuesday, in response to a request to clarify the ministry’s previous announcement that it welcomed the resumption of commercial flights between Syria and Jordan.
The journalist who asked this question indicated that there are no diplomatic relations between the United States, and there were no relations until recently between Syria and Jordan, wondering whether the American welcome to the resumption of flights reflects a change in the status of the United States’ relations with Syria.
“I have nothing to announce on the status of relations or any changes in policy, and what I can say is that we are definitely reviewing this announcement,” the spokeswoman said in response to this question, according to the text posted on the State Department’s website.

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