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Washington disrupted the nuclear agreement with what?

Despite the optimistic statements made by the United States of America and Iran, as well as the international community, the question of reaching a nuclear agreement remains unresolved.
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said in his weekly press conference on Monday that the European Union and Iran stressed that disrupting the nuclear talks would not serve anyone. He added that “the talks are continuing and have stopped at the delegation level.”
And the adviser to the Iranian negotiating delegation in Vienna, Muhammad Marandi, said yesterday, Sunday, that “the internal conflict in America is impeding reaching an agreement in Vienna, and eventually the repercussions of the Russian military operation in Ukraine will force Washington to reach an agreement with Iran.”
He also considered, in exclusive statements to the Iranian Agency, that “there are main factors behind America’s sudden halt in negotiations, such as the need for the West to take basic measures in the field of verification, guarantees and canceling the embargo, and the issue of removing the name of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard from the list of terrorist organizations.”

Marandi pointed out that “Washington has not taken the necessary political decision to reach a good agreement in the Vienna negotiations.”

He said, “The Americans admitted that Iran was able to obtain significant concessions in Vienna, and for this reason some members of the American delegation resigned during the negotiations.”
He stated that “when the chief US nuclear negotiator and special envoy for Iran affairs, Robert Malley, submitted a report on the negotiation process to the US Congress, he faced negative reactions from members of Congress, and they believed that the US team had retracted a lot from its demands.”
And Mohamed Marandi added in his statements that “there is no problem with the European parties, China and Russia in continuing the negotiations, but we have to wait and see what US President Joe Biden decides, in order to resume them.”
Sadeq al-Moussawi, an Iranian political analyst, said that Tehran announced that the technical negotiations and all the details are over, and the ball is now in the court of the United States of America, which is facing a crisis at the domestic level, as former President Donald Trump wants to make Biden president for one term, in the context of the conflict between Republicans and Democrats, noting that there are some elements and personalities within the Democratic Party who do not want to accomplish a nuclear agreement in the way it was accomplished.

According to his speech, “it is the internal issue of the United States now that obstructs America’s announcement of approval of the nuclear agreement, in addition to the fact that the United States of America took a step forward, expressing its agreement to remove the name of the Revolutionary Guards from the list of sanctions, and only placing sanctions on the Quds Force.” But it is just a step for internal consumption, as there is no difference between the Guard and the Quds Force.”
He also continued, “America is experiencing a crisis because of the Ukraine war, and as a result the developments of events are increasing the rapprochement of the Iranian-Russian-Chinese alliance, and on this basis, America is facing a big problem, because the Europeans agree to the terms of the nuclear agreement, and China and Russia are on the side of Iran at the current stage, and as a result, America is now isolated. It is the only one globally on the issue of the nuclear agreement, because the Europeans are not with America and agree to what was agreed upon in Vienna, and only America is hesitating.”
Al-Moussawi believes that Iran is not in a hurry to the agreement, and Biden is the one who is looking for a balance inside the United States as a result of the decline in his popularity, especially in light of his involvement in the war in Ukraine, and he has no achievement at the internal and external levels, adding: “Iran is satisfied and America must take a step.” In order for Biden to gain some credit in front of public opinion, both internally and externally.
In this context, Imad Abashnas, an Iranian political analyst, considered that the negotiations of the nuclear agreement between Iran and the international community in Vienna, Tehran considers settled after providing all it has.

According to him, Iran has fulfilled all its obligations or agreements in Vienna, and the problem now lies with the United States of America and its negotiating team.
He also continued, “America is still reluctant to take any decision regarding ending the crisis and signing the nuclear agreement, and it is manipulating words and statements, and as long as the American hesitation exists, the situation is still in place, waiting for an American step to resolve the situation.”
Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian had confirmed during a call with his Syrian counterpart, Faisal Miqdad, on April 21, that diplomatic methods were working well in the Vienna talks on the nuclear agreement, and that Tehran was not far from reaching a good and lasting agreement.

And Abdullahian announced, last month, that Tehran was close to reaching an agreement during the Vienna negotiations that his country is conducting with major international powers to revive the nuclear agreement.
The head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization, Mohammad Eslami, confirmed that the technical aspects of the talks to revive the nuclear agreement had been completed, adding that what remained for now is only solving political issues.

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