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Ways to eat garlic on an empty stomach in the morning

There are the best healthy recipes for how to eat garlic on an empty stomach and in the morning, which are as follows:

Use garlic as a salad dressing

You can make a morning salad dressing of garlic by following these steps:

Mix olive oil, vinegar, and dried herbs with minced garlic and pure honey to help balance the acidity and get more nutrients.

Combine all ingredients in a clean bowl, mix well, and eat on an empty stomach.

Eat garlic fermented with honey

Garlic fermented with honey is a type of pickle that can be stored for up to a month at room temperature.

To obtain fermented garlic with honey, follow the following preparation method:

Place the peeled garlic cloves into a clean, sterilized container. You can sterilize a glass jar and cover by boiling it in water.

Pour the honey over it and stir, making sure that the garlic is completely covered in the honey.

Close the jar and leave it on the counter for three days.

Open the jar to release any gases and stir the garlic and honey. If you see small bubbles in the honey, this means that the garlic has begun to ferment. Leave it for at least a week before use.

Other recipes for how to eat garlic on an empty stomach and in the morning

You can eat garlic on an empty stomach in several other ways as well, including the following:

Crush garlic and eat it raw before breakfast

Chop garlic, boil it as tea, and drink it for breakfast.

Eat raw whole cloves of garlic as snacks.

Fry the garlic with butter and mix it with the omelet.

Add chopped fresh garlic to sauces and eat it. Uses and benefits of garlic

Here are some of the most important garlic uses:

Garlic is used to treat many medical conditions related to the blood and heart system, including the following:


High cholesterol in the blood.

Heart attacks.

Coronary heart disease.


Garlic can be used to prevent some types of cancer, such as:

Lung Cancer.

Prostate cancer.

breast cancer

stomach cancer.

Rectal cancer.

Colon Cancer.

Damage and warnings of eating garlic on an empty stomach

Here are some caveats that you should know when eating garlic:

It is recommended to eat garlic based on your general nutritional needs, but it is important to consume no more than three cloves of garlic during each meal if it is raw, and you can increase an entire clove of garlic if it is cooked.

Eating a large amount of garlic can also cause constipation, blood pressure problems, and heartburn.

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