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Western researcher Russia will win and turn the tables

A Western researcher said that “NATO” and the Western powers will lose in the event of a conflict with Russia and its allies, pointing out that the Third World War has already begun, but some do not believe its occurrence.

Italian Professor Leonardo Dini, an academic specializing in Ukrainian affairs and Eastern Europe, said in an interview with the newspaper “Atlantico” that the West would lose in the event of a war with Russia and its allies.

The researcher stressed that “NATO, the United States and Europe, can be defeated (lose). In the best case, they will achieve a Pyrrhic victory, (ephemeral), but with huge losses, at the expense of their power in the first place. And if China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, India and Turkey unite, they will win .. And they will turn the Yalta Treaty upside down,” he said.

He also stressed that “the Third World War is going on here (in Ukraine) for those who do not want to ignore it,” and that to prevent NATO’s loss: “it is necessary to stop the” hostile offensive” of Moscow and those who think the same way, according to his claims.

Where the expert pointed out that with the defeat of the Western bloc, a true multipolar world will emerge. In this case, truly democratic states will come to power, not the old great powers.

In addition, NATO countries have transferred most of their weapons to Ukraine, and many world leaders have called for more military financing for Ukraine. Denny expected that in the event of a collision with Russia, the West would have to urgently restore the arsenal, which would take a lot of time and money.

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