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What are the consequences of China’s use of lasers against a Philippine ship?

A Chinese coast guard ship fired a military laser at the Philippine patrol vessel Malapascula.
It happened as personnel on the Philippine-flagged ship were taking turns in the shallow waters of Inugin, which are claimed by several countries, including the People’s Republic of China.
The accident occurred on February 6, according to a Philippine Coast Guard statement. In response, the Chinese Ministry of Defense accused the Filipinos of entering the country illegally, and did not deny the fact that the laser attack had taken place. The site stressed that it is unlikely that this issue will have some consequences at least for China, because the other countries that claim Inogen do not want to escalate the conflict.
It is noteworthy that the Chinese army began to use such lasers as a surveillance signal. For example, in 2018, this method was applied against a US C-130 transport aircraft in Djibouti, where Chinese forces are stationed. The plane’s crew received minor eye injuries and had to land at the nearest American base.
Chinese companies began introducing blinding lasers in the 1990s. The laser has the offensive ability to blind or incapacitate enemy personnel and disorient or destroy sensitive photoelectric sensors. At the same time, the use of lasers so powerful that they can permanently blind a person is prohibited by the Geneva Convention

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