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What did Amr Diab say about the Dubai concert?

Artist Amr Diab wrote on his Instagram account and published a group of photos from his recent concert in Dubai.
Amr commented on the photos by saying: “More photos from the Dubai concert… the live performance last night at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai.” Amr closed the comments feature on the photos.
Amr Diab witnessed the performance of a number of his most famous songs, including “Weyah,” “Thank You From Here to Tomorrow,” “This Is Whatsapp,” “You Are the Luck,” and “It Was Good.”
Amr surprised his fans and presented a clip of his song “Ya Qamar,” which he had not officially released yet, and he wore a black “cat shirt” that caught the attention of those present.
Amr had announced the postponement of all his concerts during the recent period in solidarity with the people of Gaza. He also donated five million pounds to the Red Crescent in support of the people of Gaza, who have been suffering in recent days from bombing by the Israeli occupation.
It is also mentioned that Amr Diab’s last song was the song “Ya Qamar”, which he sang at a wedding, and the song was written by Mustafa Hadouta, and is scheduled to be released on music platforms. He also released the song “Say My Name”, which has achieved great success since its release until now.

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