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What did Basil Khayyat’s wife talk about the price?

Nahed Zidan, the wife of the Syrian star Basil Khayyat, talked about the series “The Price”, starring the latter, revealing one aspect of the end.

Nahed and Basil said that we have been talking for a long time that he must play the role of love, because I see that we have had a lot of time when we have not seen a series in which he is real with love.

Where she confirmed that she is very happy with the work and with her husband’s success through it, pointing out that what she loved most about Basil is that he cares about her more than he cares about himself. She added, “Basil is somewhat similar to the character of Zain, but it is not romantic.”

And about the romantic scenes between the characters “Zain” and “Sarah” (Razan Jamal) in the series, Nahed said that she got used to it, and confirmed that she is the first supporter of her husband, and looks at him with the eyes of a critic, as she is fully aware of the details of his artwork, revealing in this context that the end of The “price” is pretty.

It is also mentioned that “The Price” is starring: Basil Khayat, Razan Jamal, Nicolas Moawad, Sarah Abi Kanaan, Sabah Al-Jazaery, Rafik Ali Ahmed, Randah Kaadi, Talal Mardini, Wissam Fares, Nancy Khoury, Riam Kafarneh, Reem Khoury, Adnan Abu Al-Shamat Raymond Azar, Vivian Antonios, and with guests of honor: Maher Salibi, Rene Ghosh, Charbel Ziadeh and Jean Kassis, and the work is written by Yam Mashhadi and directed by Fikret Qadi.

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