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What did Cyrine Abdel Nour say about the bold scenes?

Star Cyrine Abdel Nour expressed her opinion on the fashion of Arabic versions of Turkish series, and stressed that the repercussions were strong, and each work leaves its own mark.
As for presenting kissing scenes in soap operas, Cyrine said: “As an actress, I have no problem. For me, the actor chooses whether to present these scenes or not, but I refuse to present bold scenes, first because my husband Farid does not like these scenes, and even before my marriage, my father did not.” He loves these details.
She continued: “Art in itself is bold and new stories must be presented to the public, and the viewer is the one who chooses which work he will watch. Today we have many people whose opinions differ. There are those who love action, there are those who love romance, and the artist must present everything. There are those who love… Bold stories, both in themes and acting.”
As for what’s new, Cyrine Abdel Nour revealed that she filmed a series called “Forgetting”, consisting of 15 episodes, in which a number of Syrian and Lebanese stars participate, and it stars Qais Sheikh Najib and Nada Abu Farhat, but she does not know if it will be shown during this Ramadan season. Public or not

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