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What did Julia Boutros say to the Palestinians?

In her first comment on the events in Gaza, the Lebanese artist Julia Boutros broke her silence and wrote, “This enemy, which usurped the land and honor and built its black history on killing, displacement and terrorism, is an enemy that has been given, over the decades that have passed, the right to shed our blood, and is now committing genocide against our people in Palestine.” What right are you talking about?
Julia Boutros continued, “The conscience of the free world will not have mercy on them, and today their history full of criminality is exposed. They committed a massacre in the Baptist Hospital in Gaza and tried to evade this crime, but none of the free people of the world believed them, and for those who know, and we in Lebanon know very well, that it is not It is strange for them to violate international law over and over again without anyone holding them accountable. Here they are killing hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians, including children, women, and parents, every day, and the world is a witness to that, so where will they hide? From now on, they will not be the ones telling the story. We will tell it, and every human being will tell it with us. free”.
Julia also sent a message to the Palestinians, saying, “To our people in Palestine, we are with you. You occupy my heart, my mind, my conscience, my sadness, and my pain every minute. Palestine will not die, the cause will not die, freedom is for Palestine.

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