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What did Sherine say about the female artists?

Actress Sherine Abdel Wahab spoke about her pride in her simple lifestyle before fame, and her refusal to deal with her audience as a star, saying: “Sherine Sherine before fame, the same way I speak and my style, I don’t change and I don’t wear a mask of stardom for people.”

She added, “I am as I am. I finish my work and sit on the ground eating at my convenience, whether with the Emir or with the Great.”

And when asked whether she would have preferred to stay away from the troubles of fame, Sherine replied: “Sure, but we are talking about the bad side of fame, but the sweet side and the love of people are not compensated by the treasures of the earth.”

Sherine said about Najwa Karam: weight, beauty and sobriety

And she continued, “I was not ready for fame, and that’s why I could go out a lot, and my psychiatrist says that you work like a very large institution run by one person.”

And about her opinion of some stars, led by the Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram, Sherine said: “Nancy is beautiful, and in her condition and age, she did not speak about Hades, but her fault is that she does not ask Alia sincerely.”

Sherine on Haifa Wehbe: Everything about her is very sweet and generous.. Her fault is that she gets upset quickly.

And about her opinion of Elissa, she said: “Elisa loves her because she is very clear, and I don’t like that she watches when she sings with a sense that she is holding people’s checks, but she is beautiful and her heart is sweet.”

Sherine, on the authority of Nawal Al Zoghbi: Elegance and self-confidence.

She added, “Nawal Al-Zoghbi is elegance and self-confidence. At the time, they used to say that it was difficult for anyone to greet her, but I think now this issue is present.”

And about the time she often quarreled with her husband, the artist Hossam Habib, Sherine said: “My fights with Hussam always happen during my work day.”

In response to a question about her name in Hossam Habib’s phone book, Sherine said: “They called me Chocolate.”

And she talked about the most important qualities that are required to be present in her two daughters’ husbands in the future, stressing that “our Lord must be taken into account on both sides.”

Sherine Abdel-Wahhab said: “The idea hurt me very much, but on the condition that they don’t take it away from me, you sit beside me, and God Almighty will never leave it, just as I make it take into account our Lord in it, He takes care of our Lord in it.” And she added, “He never has his hand on her, he does not make her afraid, he treats her as if she were his daughter, the mother warns us with her hands, a sensor that feels the one in front of her.”

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