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What did the artist advise Dora for skin care?

The Tunisian star, Dora, revealed her secrets to maintain the freshness of her skin and to deal with various beauty products.

And Dora said: “When I first entered acting, I used to let the make-up artist put what he wanted, and recently I kept making the makeup lighter, especially on the skin directly.” She added, “I almost gave up the foundation because it is the enemy of human beings, and it not only whitens the skin, but also makes it look unsweet, and even if it is a sweet brand, it is better to reduce it as much as possible.”

In response to a question about her daily skin care routine, Dora said: “The most important thing is to clean the face well before we go to sleep, and to wipe off any makeup, and we must clean the skin with someone who understands every once in a while, because it can cause problems, and I do not like many creams.” And she continued: “The skin routine is not as frequent as the products used, and every once in a while I change skin care products, thanks to light creams, and hours by making a mask (skin mask), and it is not always possible to use sunscreen.”

And about her artwork and her participation in many stars, Dora revealed: “All the actors I worked with enjoyed and learned from them, and many people noticed the presence of chemistry between me and Amr Saad, and I love him as an actor, and it is very important that there is chemistry between the actors so that you can believe them together.”

In response to the audience’s question about acting with the star Amir Karara, she said: “Why not, of course, Amir is a wonderful actor and a great star, and more importantly than the actor with whom we act, the character and the scenario.”

Dora also explained that the death of her father years ago helped her to live with the character she played in “Al-Ajhar”, saying: “I was very coexistent and felt many needs from my heart, whether the story of love, or the relationship with the father, because my father died years ago and I know the form of the relationship with a sick father that I can lose.” “.

And about her position on launching her own fashion line, and repeating the experience that she had with fashion designer Muhannad Kojak in 2020, Dora said: “Kojak is such a fashion designer. It is one of the best things that I have done and I love it very much until now.” She added, “The fashion collection was a mix between my taste and Kojak’s taste, and I repeat the experience with other designers or on my own, but I have a fear…”.

And when asked about the reason for postponing this idea, Dora replied: “I am afraid that I will do something other than what I want, and the idea is postponed until I am sure of it.”

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