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What did the sports federations provide for the Turkish disaster?

Turkish sports federations and some sports clubs have collected financial and in-kind donations to help those affected by the effects of the earthquake that struck Turkey.

Where the Turkish newspaper published a report on the cash aid campaigns and the amounts donated by the sports federations operating in the various sports branches, and the financial donations came as follows:

Swimming Federation 53 thousand dollars.

Turkish Federation of Bicycles 21 thousand dollars.

Handball Federation 5,300 thousand dollars.

Boxing Federation 5,300 thousand dollars.

Athletics Association: $5,300,000.

Judo Federation 5,300 thousand dollars.

Taekwondo Federation 8 thousand dollars.

Sports Federation for the Visually Impaired: $5,300,000

Fencing Federation two thousand and 600 dollars.

Bowling Association two thousand and six hundred dollars.

Chess Federation 5,300 thousand dollars.

Modern Pentacle Union $5,300,000.

Schools Sports Federation: $5,300,000.

Rowing Federation 10 thousand and 600 dollars.

Badminton Federation 5,300 thousand dollars.

Shooting and Hunting Association: $5,300,000.

Gymnastics Federation 13 thousand dollars.

Table Tennis Federation two thousand and 600 dollars

Karate Federation 5,300 thousand dollars.

Hockey League 5,300 thousand dollars.

Steering union two thousand and six hundred dollars.

Sports for All Federation: $5,300,000

Sports Association for the Physically Handicapped: $5,300,000,000,000,600 in clothing and material aid.

The total donations reached about $2 million one day after the earthquake.

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