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What did the UAE respond to the accusation against it?

The UAE Mission to the United Nations categorically rejected what it described as “false allegations” from the Permanent Representative of Sudan about the UAE’s involvement in “any form of aggression” and “destabilization” in his country.

This came in a letter sent by the Permanent Ambassador of the UAE, Mohammed Abu Shehab, to the presidency of the UN Security Council yesterday, Sunday.

Abu Shihab said, “The allegations of the Permanent Representative of Sudan are baseless and contradict the established fraternal relations between our two countries.” He added, “Unfortunately, it appears that this is nothing more than an attempt to divert attention from the conflict and the deteriorating humanitarian situation resulting from the continued fighting.”

The letter stressed that “all allegations related to the involvement of the United Arab Emirates in any form of aggression or destabilization in Sudan or its provision of any military, logistical, financial or political support to any faction in Sudan are false, baseless and lack any basis.” Reliable evidence to support it.”

The ambassador pointed out that since the beginning of the conflict in Sudan, the UAE has expressed its belief that “there is no military solution to the conflict” and expressed its concern about the conflicting parties’ failure to respond to calls to stop hostilities or efforts to reach a sustainable solution through dialogue.

The letter continued: “In this context, the United Arab Emirates also expresses its deep concern about the spread of misleading information and false narratives, which would undermine any efforts aimed at promoting constructive dialogue and ultimately paving the way towards achieving lasting peace.”

Abu Shehab also stressed that the UAE “respects the sovereignty of other countries, refrains from any interference in their internal affairs, and is committed to full compliance with the resolutions of the UN Security Council.”

The Emirati ambassador also stressed that his country “will remain committed to supporting a peaceful solution to the conflict in Sudan” and “will continue to work with all concerned, and support any process aimed at putting Sudan on the political path to reach a permanent settlement and achieve a national consensus to form a civilian-led government.”

Earlier, the UAE denied arming the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces that are waging a conflict with the Sudanese army, and Anwar Gargash, the diplomatic advisor to the UAE president, stated that his country “is not a party to arming any party in Sudan.”

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