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What does the chili do?

Among the benefits of chili Chili, or hot pepper, has many health benefits, including the following:
The ability to help fight infection: Chili pepper contains water-soluble vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. It helps the body get rid of free radicals that cause cancer, in addition to helping the body to resist infectious agents.
Reduce blood pressure: as hot pepper contains folate; In addition to potassium, and a small amount of sodium, this composition maintains proper blood flow; It contributes to the dilation of blood vessels, and the reduction of high blood pressure.
The possibility of aiding the formation of red blood cells: this is due to the iron and copper minerals found in hot peppers; which are necessary for its formation; While iron deficiency leads to muscle weakness, anemia, and fatigue.
The possibility of helping to improve cognitive functions: the appropriate amount of oxygen, in addition to iron in the brain, leads to a reduced risk of cognitive disorders; Such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and increased cognitive performance, and it is worth noting that the amount of iron that is found in hot peppers leads to increased production of hemoglobin and increased blood flow.
Maintaining the strength and vitality of the skin and hair: Consuming an adequate amount of vitamin C; The main protein found in the skin and hair can be produced; It is a collagen protein, maintains it, and improves the immune system.
Reducing triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood: as chili increases the body’s ability to dissolve fibrinogen, which is a complement to blood clot formation, thus reducing platelet aggregation.
As a natural muscle relaxant: Hot pepper is used in many ointments to relieve muscle pain.
. slowing the growth of H. pylori bacteria:; that cause some types of ulcers.
Helping reduce weight: The researchers found that consuming at least 2 milligrams of capsaicin; Before a meal, reduce your calorie consumption by 74 calories during the meal.
. Possibility to help relieve congestion: This occurs by constricting the blood vessels in both the throat and nose, and hot peppers are usually used as a folk remedy for cold, cough, and congestion.
Contains Vitamin K1, which is essential for healthy kidneys, bones, and blood clotting.
Contains Vitamin B6; It has important functions in the metabolism of calories.
Contains copper; It is considered an antioxidant necessary for nerve health and bone strength, and it is worth noting that Western diets lack it.

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