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What does the Syrian drama offer in Ramadan?

As the month of Ramadan approaches the Syrian series, the Syrian series is strongly in the 62023 season through a large number of diverse acts of different dramas, which is treated with social issues, including the Polycyse-frame and the comedy. Syrian series in Ramadan 2023: The series of alley is the story of the series of alley of the jinn, the work of Shami Syrian by the Policy templates revolve in Damascus, with a blend of imagination and excitement. The heroes of the series of alley is playing the series of alley: Ayman Zidan, Amal Arafa, Abdel Moneim Amiri, Safa Sultan, Shukran Murtaji, Saad Mina and Shadi Zaidanhm, and is written by Mohammed Al Aas and the output of Tamer Isaac and the production of MB Productuo. The series of warm door is discussed 13 details of the social life of the human dimension, under the new world order, within a social framework. The heroes of the series of 13 door participates in the series of warm haws 13: Rabab Kanaan, magnificence Yassin, magic of Fawzi, Nizar Abu Hajar, Huda Shaarawi, Tayseer Idris, Ali Karim, Ramdatallah, and is written by Marwan Qaouk and directed by Manal Imran. Sabaya 6 series Sabaya 6 tells the story of five girls living in one house, and some sporadic adventures occur within a comedy social framework, and there is no Syrian series in Ramadan 2023. Heroes of Sabaya 6 includes Sabaya series 6: Dima, Jenny Asper, Mirna Chvon, Joan Al-Khader, Lynn, and will transmit the debtor of the soldier, a guest of honor on the work, which is written by Mahmoud Idris and the output of Fadi and the production of Bana. Jenny Aspir reveals ET in Arabic exclusive details about Sabaya 6 Update Canon Serial Simulates Syrian Vessels. The heroes of the series Canon playing the Championship of Canon: Bassam Kosa, Mahayard Kousa, Salma Al-Masri, the birth of Joseph, the White Rana, the gift of Nour, Tariq Marashli, Abdul Fattah Al-Za’in, Mohammed Qano, and is written by Alaa Muhanna and directed Iyad Nahas and production company Biora. The series of Kirazra revolves the events of the series of Kiras on the bombing of Beirut port, which occurred on 4 August 2022, in a family dramatic, and tells the story of Syrian business live in Lebanon and disappears after the explosion and then talked to him and his family has many developments The Heroes of the series of Krason features a series of venues a group of representatives: Osama Al-Romanian, Lilia Al-Atrash, Maha Al-Masri, Abeer Shams Al-Din, Joan Al-Din, Joan Al-Ghr, General, It is written by Marwan Qaouk and remove Rashad Kokesh and the production of Afamia. The vineyard returns to the drama of a northern roundabout series, which deals with a roundabout of the northern round of religious extremism, which has suffered from Syria from outside the country. Heroes of North Rounder participates in the tournament of North Roundabout: Amal Boushasha, Abdel Moneim Amiri, Fayez Qaisq, Ahmed Al-Ahmad, Yazen Mr., Mohamed Hasaki, Nanceshore, Andrey Scaff, Abeer Shams El Din, and is written by Hazem Solomon and directed Amer Fahd and the production of Isee Media. The series of the sun revolves the events of the series of Sun appointed in a social polyi, which was filmed in Damascus. Representatives in the series of the sun is involved in the series of the Sunnah series: Rachid Assaf, Nadine Khoury, Safa Sultan, Joan Al-Khader, Karam Al-Shaarani, Amer Ali, Robinais, a group of writers and directed by Abu Hamda production company “Art Linux”. The series of breaking an organization – Sarapyeb is handing up a series of breaking your body – Suradip has several social issues through some different stories in the work, which was filmed in Beirut after consent to imaging in Damascus, who competes within the Syrian serials in Ramadan 2023. Heroes The series of a break – Saradip includes a series of breaking a break – Saradip a group of representatives: Rachid Assaf, Karam Al-Shaarani, Loyalty Azzam, Yazz Al Sayed, Shadi Safadi, Ismail Maddah, and is written by Al Khatib and Halal Al Ahmad and the removal of Kenan Alexandria and Claket production. Rasha Sharbjti announces its withdrawal from the second part of the Arab Series of the Arabji tells the story of the Arabji as a “Arabji” leader as a steady craft in Damascus, which is in love with a girl called “Najia” and refuses, will not feel despair of those Rejection is trying to do impossible to reach her heart and closiates. The heroes of the Arabji series takes the Arabji series: Salloum Haddad, Bassem Yakhur, Dima Kandht, Milad Youssef, Nadine Khoury, Knight Yaghi, Wael Zidan, a member of Osman Haji output Saif al-Din al-Subaie and the production of Golden Line. The series of autumn age spin of the events of the series of autumn age within a joyful social framework. It is scheduled to be presented in Ramadan 2023. Heroes of the autumn of the fall of the autumn of: Salloum Haddad, Bassem Yakhour, Abdel Moneim Amiri, Mutasim Al-Nahar, Moon behind, Carmen wearing, Alaa Qassem, Hassani, and composed by Hossam Sherbati and weighs Mortar and directed Muthanna Sobh. The series of money holds the death of the money of the social business, which tells the group of stories from the Syrian reality, in a manner mimicing the living situation, which is living on Syrian society and what he is confused with people and problems facing people in their diary. Representatives in the series of Malabsi participates in the Championship of the series of Malabs Al-Qabban: Bassam Kosa, Slav Fawakherji, Khaled Al Qaysh, Hala Rajab, and is written by the Jamili and Ali Jahih and the output of Saif Suble and the production of EPLA. Al-Zind tells the story of the series of al-Zand story of a man named “Assi” Tim Hassan, who belongs to the family of Al-Zind, which is witnessing many challenges in a fresh political social. The heroes of the series Al-Zand participates in the series of Al-Zind: Tim Hassan, Mona Wasf, Dana Mardini, Anas Tarah, Fayez al-Qaqq, Tarek Abdo, Yahya Mahaini, who is increased Abu Sa’ada and directed by Samer Al Barqawi and production Morning. Asi al-Zind comes out Tim Hassan from the cloak of Mount Sheikh Al-Jabal series of jam. The series of jam casts highlighting the alien transformations that have been on the system of values and morality, and discusses the issue of morality, and a candidate. Representatives in the series of jam Ezz include a series of jam, including a group of representatives: Abbas Nuri, Amal Arafa, Khaled Al Qaysh, Mahmoud Nasr, Rosice Latqani, Nadine Improvement Peck, Hassan Khalil, Jerges Jabara, Wafa Monsoli, A maim al-Saleh authorized Rasha Sharbatji and the production of MBC. A series interview with Mr. Adam series interview with Mr. Adam is a social work Policy, joining the list of Syrian serials in Ramadan 2023 and completes the work part of the series, which revolves around Dr. Adam, who seeks to detect the real cause of kidnapping The death of his daughter “life” and revenge. Representatives in a series interview with Mr. Adam play a series of interview with Mr. Adam: Ghassan Masoud, Mohamed Al-Ahmad, Rana Shmeis, Weighing Khalil, Mustafa Mustafa, Jiana Stubborn, Fadia Fadli, Fadi Slim and production Phoenix sunset. ” The series of warm dome 3 series of the dome of the Syrian dramatic work, which revolves around the Shamian environment in the State of Syria, and many changes and surprises within a social driver. The heroes of the series of warm dome 3 includes a series of warm dome 3: Abbas al-Nuri, Khaled al-Qaysh, Rana Shmeis, Nadine Improves Peck, Shukran Mortar, Firas Ibrahim, who is composed of Kokesh and the output of an ivory company, and the production of Rasha Sharbatji. The series of wolves belongs to the night wolves to the quality of historical fantasy works, in joy. Representatives in the series of wolves playing the series of the series of wolves night: Salloum Haddad, Nadine Khoury, Mahair Khadur, Jane Ismail, magnificence of Saadi, and Rasha Ibrahim, Ola Saeed, and Hani Saadi and directed by Sami Al-Jadadi

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