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What happened between Bassem Yakhour and Dima Kandalaft?

The stars of the “Al-Arabji” series occupied the followers on social networks, after giving and replying to the videos between the Syrian artists Basmakhor and Dima Kandalaft, written by Othman Juhi and Moayad Al-Nabulsi, directed by Saif Al-Subaie and produced by the “Golden Line” company.

In the beginning, the artist Salloum Haddad revealed that the second episode includes an event that turns the scales upside down, before Yakhour appeared in a later video, talking about the emergence of the character that Kandalaft embodied, calling it “the role of the evil factory.”

Kandalaft finally responded to Yakhour in a video clip, in which she said: “I saw a video of Abdo Al-Arabji, he said in the role of today, Fayta in the episode, and he called it the role of the evil factory.”

And she continued: “Oh Abdo, Ya Arabji, the story is not the story of a pomegranate, the story of pomegranate hearts.”

And the artists participating in the “Al-Arabji” series are: Milad Youssef, Nadine Khoury, Fares Yaghi, Tasnim Pasha, Tariq Maraachli, Shadi Al-Safdi, Madiha Knifati, Hussam Al-Shah, Hala Rajab, Muhammad Qanoua, Iman Abdel Aziz, Robin Issa, Abdel Rahman Qweider, Ahmed Rafi, Ali Karim, Wael Zidan, Rawa Yassin, Hoda Al-Shaarawi, Dalaa Nader, Jamal Al-Ali and Marwa. Badran, Tulin Al-Bakri, Walid Haswa, Nabil Al-Shanwani, Fadi Al-Shamyusi, the judge visited…

The events of “Al-Arbaji” revolve around the concept of injustice in a context based on suspense and attraction through an interesting dramatic plot, without framing within the category of “the Levantine environment”. The story begins with “Abdo Al-Arbaji”, who struggles with life with all his might, while she strikes him with all her treachery, but whenever she drops him to the ground, he will find a way to rise, clinging to willpower, in the face of machinations on the one hand, and tyranny on the other hand, in a story that suffers. Each main character has a kind of injustice, but each one of them chooses her own way to confront or even surrender to it…

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