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What happens at the American embassy in Beirut?

The vicinity of the embassy in the Awkar area was exposed to gunfire from an armed man who was confronted by the Lebanese army and wounded by its fire, while the search continues for other gunmen believed to be with him, while one of the embassy guards was wounded.
The Lebanese Army issued a statement indicating that the US Embassy in Lebanon was exposed to gunfire by a person holding Syrian nationality. Army members deployed in the area responded to the sources of fire, wounding the shooter. He was arrested and transferred to a hospital for treatment. Follow-up is underway to determine the circumstances of the incident.”
The army statement added, “Army units deployed in the vicinity of the US Embassy in Awkar are conducting an inspection of the surrounding area, and are working to implement the necessary security measures to maintain the security of the area.”
The targeting message carries many connotations, starting with the timing and extent of its connection to the ongoing war in Gaza and talk about an American ceasefire initiative, and does not end with talk about the return of ISIS activity to Lebanon, especially after the Lebanese army announced last week that it had arrested 8 people who were found to be, upon investigation, Supporters of the organization.
The shooter is a Syrian who lives in the Bekaa: While investigations are still ongoing,
A security source also revealed that the shooter at the American embassy was called Qais Farraj, a Syrian who lives in the Majdal Anjar area in the Western Bekaa.
The security source indicated, “Farraj took a taxi today from the Bekaa and went directly to the American embassy building, where he carried out the operation alone, without anyone’s help.”
The security source confirmed, “The Syrian is undergoing surgery at the military hospital in Badaro after the army wounded him in the leg and stomach, amid tight security measures around the hospital.”
The source explained, “It was found that there was an ISIS tattoo on the shooter’s body, in addition to the Tanzim logo on the weapon he used in the operation.”

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