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What has the United States lost since the September 11 attacks?

Official US reports revealed that the US military intervention in Afghanistan from the September 11, 2001 attacks until the withdrawal on August 31, 2021, cost the United States hundreds of billions of dollars in war and aid costs.
The largest spending was on the war waged by the United States against al-Qaeda and the Taliban. A report by the Office of the “Inspector General for the Reconstruction of Afghanistan” stated that Washington spent during 20 years of war nearly $837 billion.
The aid provided by Washington to the Afghan security forces also had costs less than the costs of the war, as a report issued by the “White House” last June revealed that the aid was estimated at more than 124 billion US dollars.
The total spending in 20 years is about a trillion US dollars, without the United States being able to achieve its goals of crushing al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

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